Why The Most Important Door In Your Home Is Your Bedroom Door

The majority of our clients call us because they share one big concern: keeping their families safe. Most aren’t motivated to install security doors to protect their fine art or jewelry collection – that’s all insured. But spouses and children aren’t replaceable.

We try to identify how and where our clients will get the greatest bang for their buck, and this is especially important when working on a limited budget. Assuming the budget only allows for one door, we usually recommend replacing the master bedroom door (for families without children) or a passageway door that leads to the bedrooms (for families with children). Then we train our clients to lock that door at night.

Installing a security door on a bedroom addresses the greatest number of security scenarios that can be achieved with a single door.

  1. Overnight home invasion: Waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of an alarm can be a terrifying experience. However, with a locked bedroom/passageway door, you proactively seal yourself in a secure environment, giving you plenty of time to assess the situation, call the police, and (for some) to retrieve a weapon – without worrying about your family being harmed by the intruders. They might get away with a TV or laptop, but your family will be safe until help arrives.
  2. A saferoom (aka panic room): If you reinforce the walls, your bedroom becomes a comfortable, full-scale saferoom. Turning a closet or bathroom into a saferoom is a popular solution, but they still require you to react in the middle of the night to get yourself and your family into the saferoom, increasing the chances of something going wrong. Transforming your bedroom into a saferoom solves this issue.
  3. Travel: A bedroom is a great place to install a safe or store valuables when you’re traveling, ensuring that even if bad guys break in they won’t get to your valuables. And by installing a safe inside a secure room, you add additional layers of security.

And of course, by matching the other doors in your home you can ensure that your high-security door does not stand out or draw any special attention.

Because the secret to good security…is to keep it a secret.

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