Shield Security Windows

Customized Design

We build bulletproof windows and burglar-proof windows that are designed to complement our custom high-security FE/BR doors (forced entry-resistant doors and bulletproof doors) and ensure that there is no weak point in your security.

You don’t compromise on style; we never compromise on security.

About Our Security Windows

Our custom-made security windows ensure that every point of entry is as safe and secure as a Shield Security Door. Every Shield Security Window is installed using the same heavy-duty framing technology used for our high-security doors. 

We offer a range of security glass options from sledgehammer-resistant P6B glass to UL level 8, capable of stopping a 7.62mm bullet from an AK-47 or M16 rifle. Every piece of glass is custom baked, allowing us to create unique shapes that suit your home and ensure you never have to compromise on security or style.