Fiberglass Wall Panels

Fiberglass Wall Panels for Security

At Shield Security Doors, we are proud to present our bullet-resistant fiberglass wall panels to provide unmatched security solutions for homes, offices, and businesses. Designed for easy installation and offering non-toxic and non-conductive properties, these panels provide exceptional sound and thermal insulation, making them the perfect choice for any space that needs an enhanced level of security.

Top Protection with Our Fiberglass Wall Panels at Shield Security Doors

Our fiberglass wall panels are made to provide the best security against physical threats. Each panel is designed to meet high safety standards, including UL752 Levels 3 and 8 for bullet resistance, and ASTM standards for fire and forced entry resistance. These panels effectively absorb and dissipate the energy from firearm attacks to provide a strong barrier against potential threats. At Shield Security Doors, our fiberglass wall panels offer a superior level of protection to guarantee the security of your home or facility.

Our Fiberglass Wall Panel Types

We offer two types of bullet-resistant fiberglass wall panel types to suit various levels of security needs:

  • UL752 Level 3 Panels: Ideal for protection against handguns. These are thinner, lighter, and suitable for less severe threat environments.
  • UL752 Level 8 Panels: Designed to stop rifle bullets, these panels are thicker and provide maximum security for high-risk situations.

Both types of fiberglass wall panels are available in standard sizes of 4′ x 8′ and 5′ x 10′, but if you require a custom dimension to fit a specific space, be sure to reach out to our team to discuss your needs.

Key Features and Benefits of Our Fiberglass Wall Panels

Lightweight and Easy Installation

Our fiberglass wall panels are lightweight to allow for easy handling and installation with standard tools.

Advanced Protection

Tested to the UL752 standards for bullet resistance, our panels maintain a strong structure in extreme temperatures to provide consistent protection.

Customizable and Aesthetically Pleasing

While they are mainly used behind drywall, our fiberglass wall panels can be finished with aluminum or plastic laminate to seamlessly blend into your space without compromising on safety.

Applications of Our Fiberglass Wall Panels

Our fiberglass wall panels provide a defense against external threats as well as privacy and isolation within workspaces and public areas. They can be added into a variety of settings for an advanced level of security, including:

  • Commercial and retail spaces
  • Educational and healthcare facilities
  • Government and military installations
  • Residential properties and safe rooms
  • Much more

Improve Your Security with Our Fiberglass Wall Panels at Shield Security Doors

Improve your property’s security with our advanced bullet-resistant fiberglass wall panels. Whether you are increasing the security of a commercial property, a private residence, or a governmental facility, our panels provide the ultimate protection without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. As experienced professionals in providing military-grade security solutions to several establishments, you can trust our team at Shield Security Doors to secure your space.

Contact us online or at +1 (866) 639-1507 to discuss your specific security needs and how our fiberglass panels can be included in your security strategy.