Custom Means Custom

“Do they come in green? Is this bulletproof? Can you match my existing doors?”
We get questions like this every day. Our answer is always “Yes, everything is custom.” The design, size, color, and security features; everything is custom. We realize this is relatively uncommon in the door industry, and totally unheard of in the security door industry, so we thought it would be useful to put together a quick guide of our options.

The Doors
We build our doors from two basic models: the Fortress Series and the Embassy Series. The Fortress is tested to the US State Department 15-minute forced entry resistance standards and can be upgraded to be bullet resistant to UL level 3 (handguns) or level 8 (rifles). The Embassy is tested to the US State Department’s 5-minute forced entry resistance standards and can be upgraded to be bullet resistant to UL level 3.

All doors come pre-hung in a steel frame and can be installed by a licensed contractor. They are available as interior or exterior doors, making them usable as any door in the home.

What are the security options?
Beyond forced entry ratings we offer ballistic packages for the Fortress Series that cover handguns or rifles. We also offer mechanical and electromechanical locks meaning we can integrate biometric access control, keypads, and RFID tags.

How big can they be?
Our maximum width for a single door is approximately 44” with a door slab of 1140mm (44.9 in). For double doors, the max door opening is 88”. Maximum heights for our doors are approximately 108”. Typically, our doors range in weight from 300 to 750 pounds depending on design and security options.

What can they look like?
Pretty much anything. We offer hundreds of colors, wood species and stains, panel designs, millings, and glass options. We also offer a wide variety of handles and hardware in different shapes, colors, and finishes. If you have an existing door or a reference photo you want to replicate, we can work from that as well.

What other features are there?
We offer a number of different features including peepholes, door closers (both concealed and surface mounted), door sills, and lockout systems.

Do you do safe rooms?

What don’t you do?
There are a few things we don’t do: blast doors, sliding glass doors, and minimalist glass doors (i.e. virtually all glass construction with no steel frame). Some of these are outside the scope of our work, some of them are not high security, and some of them are both.

If you have any questions not answered in this article, feel free to email us. If you would like a quote for a project, please complete our Pre-project Questionnaire and we’ll be happy to get you pricing.

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