Multi-point Lock

Multi-point locks are pretty self-explanatory: they bolt the door at multiple points. Typically, entry doors on a home will have a 1-inch deadbolt but this isn’t enough to keep a door secure against a basic attack such as being kicked in. Why?

One inch deadbolt
  1. One locking point is not enough to withstand a basic attack.
  2. Wooden door jambs are weak and vulnerable.

The physics behind a multi-point lock is simple: it distributes the pressure of a brute force attack (such as a kick-in) across multiple locking points instead of being absorbed by a single point, like a 1-inch deadbolt. By dispersing the force across multiple locking points, a door can resist more impacts and more pressure.

There are many different multi-point locks on the market, and these locks should never be judged simply by the number of bolts they have because there are many different ways to attack a lock that does not involve pure brute force.

Multi-point locks are essential in any high-security door and at Shield, we offer two types: the Mottura 85 series mechanical lock and the Fiam X1R motorized lock.

Mottura 85 Series Multi-point Lock
Fiam X1R Motorized Multi-point Lock
Physically, the two are very similar and have the same security rating under European standard EN 12209. So you don’t lose security by choosing one over the other.
The big difference is that the Fiam motorized lock allows you to integrate a range of access control options such as keypads and biometrics and also to tie the door in with a home automation system.
These locks also allow us to have up to 20 locking points on Shield doors: 10 on the lock side, 1 each into the top of the jamb and the threshold, and 8 on the hinge side.

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