Shield Embassy Series

Shield Embassy FE5

Starting at $10,000

Customized Security

At Shield, we know one size does not fit all, so our specialized manufacturing process allows us to produce custom ballistic-resistant doors and bulletproof windows. Our products seamlessly blend in with your existing architecture, combining security with beautiful design. It’s the ultimate in discrete home security and the perfect solution for restoration projects, heritage replicas, and commercial properties. In addition to exterior entrances, our doors are ideal for safe room doors and panic room doors.

Shield’s highly specialized manufacturing process makes us the best choice for door restoration and reproduction projects. We design our doors for both interior and exterior applications in residential and commercial properties. We can easily match the design of other doors on your property to ensure that the only person who knows about your security door or window is…you.

You don’t compromise on style; we never compromise on security. It’s military-grade security at your door.

About the Shield Embassy Series High-Security Door

Our most popular door, the Embassy Series door is designed for private homes, apartments, and commercial buildings with an increased need for high security and an elevated threat profile. It protects against forced entry from heavy-duty tools such as sledgehammers, crowbars, wrenches, and wedges, providing excellent protection against burglary or forced entry, and is ideally suited for a safe room or panic room.

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