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According to the FBI, there are:

  • Over 1 million residential burglaries annually
  • 56% are through forced entry
  • Amounting to $30 billion annually in property losses

Residential and Commercial Security Doors

At Shield Security Doors, we understand the significance of protecting your residential or commercial property from break-ins and potential threats. That’s why our priority is to provide your home or business with military-grade security doors tailored to your specific needs. Serving multiple homes, businesses, embassies, and religious buildings, we are dedicated to ensuring that our customizable security doors deliver robust protection.

Reasons to Install High-Security Doors for Your Home or Business
Complete Security Features

Our residential and commercial security doors are complete with top-of-the-line security features, including high-security doors, multi-point locks, bullet-proof peepholes, biometric scanning, and more. Made from ballistic-resistant material, our doors offer long-lasting protection against intruders, providing peace of mind for years to come.

Customizable Security Doors

We specialize in designing security doors tailored to match your security needs and style preferences. This customized approach ensures that your security doors not only enhance the aesthetics of your property but also deliver the highest level of protection. Our team works closely with you to create a security door that seamlessly integrates with your residential or commercial property’s design while meeting the highest standards of security.

Professionally Tested Security Doors

Our security doors undergo rigorous professional testing to guarantee their ability to resist forced entry and bullets. We test their strength, durability, and resistance to various threats in independent laboratories to ensure that they meet the highest standards and provide unparalleled protection for your residential or commercial property. 

Residential and Commercial Security Door Features
Forced Entry Resistance

Our security doors are made to withstand forced entry attempts using heavy-duty tools such as sledgehammers, crowbars, and wrenches. By incorporating strong materials and innovative design features, our doors offer unparalleled resistance against break-in attempts, ensuring the safety and security of your property.

Ballistic Resistance 

Our security doors provide an extra layer of safety and security through ballistic resistance. Designed to withstand bullets and other ballistic threats, our security doors offer the best protection for occupants and valuable assets in high-risk environments.

We serve clients across the US and Canada, from North Pole, Alaska (yes, Santa is our customer) to the beaches of the Cayman Islands. Shield has protected:

  • Over 500 private residences
  • Over 100 offices and businesses
  • G7 Head of State residences
  • Middle Eastern royal families
  • 18 embassies and consulates
  • CEO suites and office safe rooms
  • Historically protected landmark buildings
  • Synagogues and houses of worship
  • Homes of current and former US government leaders and elected officials

Shield regularly tests our doors and windows at independent laboratories to ensure you don’t need to take our word for it

See Our Doors In Action

Types of Security Doors for Homes and Businesses

Shield Fortress FE15: The Shield Fortress FE15 provides top-notch security with an armored multi-point locking system encased in drill-resistant manganese. Optional motorized locks offer multiple access options, including biometric fingerprint scanners, keypads, card readers, or integration with third-party access control systems.

Shield Embassy FE5: The Shield Embassy FE5 ensures top-level security with high-security multi-lock keys and cylinders, adjustable security hinges, and a sturdy frame for durability and easy operation.

Shield Guardian Door: The Shield Guardian Door is specifically made for areas vulnerable to burglary or forced entry, aiming to maintain a secure environment for residences and businesses.

Security Windows

Shield designs and manufactures custom bulletproof windows that protect against anything from a sledgehammer to a high powered weapon.

Why Choose Shield Security Doors?

At Shield Security Doors, we are dedicated to providing the utmost security for your residential or commercial property. We collaborate closely with you to understand your unique requirements and provide customized security solutions that precisely fit the needs of your home or business. Our clientele includes a range of establishments, such as residences, businesses, offices, embassies, safe rooms, and government buildings, spanning across the United States and Canada.

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Count on Shield Security Doors for reliable security solutions tailored to your commercial or residential property. Explore our extensive range of customizable security door options to fortify your home or business.

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