How to Secure Your Residential Windows

Your windows are crucial in deterring thieves and preventing home invasions. By implementing high-security residential windows and other measures, you can effectively protect your home.

That’s why our team at Shield Security Doors has collected this in-depth guide offering insights into how to secure your residential windows, and the variety of options to enhance your home’s safety.

Add High-Security Windows

High-security residential windows are made to provide unmatched protection for your home. These windows are fortified with heavy-duty framing technology, ensuring every point of entry is protected.

Choose from a range of security glass options, including P6B glass, resistant to sledgehammers, as well as UL level 8 glass, capable of halting bullets from powerful firearms like the AK-47 or M16 rifle. These windows are custom-baked to complement your home’s aesthetics while maintaining top-notch security standards.

Install Window Security Locks

Securing your windows is essential for home safety, and one effective method is by installing window locks. Below are a few common window security locks that can help enhance the safety of your home:

  • Flip locks are the most popular window locks and are usually the basic lock provided by window manufacturers. For enhanced security, consider replacing them with turnbuckle locks, requiring squeezing a lever while turning the latch or using a key for unlocking.
  • Hinged-wedge locks are designed to keep the window track secure on double-hung windows; they can be adjusted to allow free window opening and raising.
  • Keyed locks, like door locks, are another option and operate with a key.
  • Ventilating locks provide flexibility as they screw into a sash, offering a sliding pin mechanism to adjust the window’s height according to preference.
  • Locking pins offer added security for double-hung windows by preventing them from opening.

Implementing these various types of window locks strengthens your home’s security, providing peace of mind for you and your family. Inquire with your residential security window provider regarding your options for window locks.

Keep a Security Camera on Your Property

Having security cameras installed around your home in addition to high-security windows can deter potential intruders and increase your peace of mind. Placing cameras strategically near your bulletproof and burglar-proof windows and doors enables you to effectively monitor your property. With internet-connected security cameras, you can remotely observe your surroundings, even when you’re away from home. For enhanced security, consider integrating cameras into a comprehensive home security system, for maximum protection.

Install Flood Lights

On top of high-security windows, illuminated surroundings usually deter burglars, as floodlights create the illusion of occupancy. By incorporating motion sensors into your lighting system, you enhance your awareness of nighttime activity around your home, enabling you to respond quickly and effectively to any potential threats.

Get Residential Security Windows with Shield Security Doors

Enhance the security of your home by installing high-security residential windows. In addition to our custom high-security, forced-entry-resistant doors, and bulletproof doors, our windows are also bulletproof and burglar-proof and can be customized to fit the style of your home.

For more information or to get a quote on our security windows for homes, contact our team today.

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