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Tips for Selecting a Custom Double Security Door for Your Business

Maintaining the safety and security of your business is paramount for protecting assets and personnel. When it comes to fortifying your establishment against intruders, a custom double security door is the best choice. However, with several options available, it can be a challenge to select the right door.

In this blog, our team at Shield Security Doors guides you through the process by providing several tips for selecting the best custom double security door for your business.

When choosing a security door for your business, it’s vital to select one that aligns with your specific requirements. Here are some tips for choosing a custom double security door:

  1. Assess Your Requirements

To start the process of choosing the ideal custom double security door for your business, it’s essential to evaluate your requirements. Before exploring several options for security doors, you should determine the areas of your business that require the highest level of protection. This may include the front entrance, office spaces, back exit, or security room. Once you’ve identified these critical areas that require a double security door, your security door company can tailor solutions more effectively to meet your needs.

  1. Select a Qualified Security Door Company

When selecting a custom double security door for your business, it’s important to partner with a reputable manufacturer holding the necessary certifications. While some companies may offer enticingly low prices for security doors, it’s crucial to recognize that these prices may not align with the quality of the doors. Rushing into a partnership with an unqualified company could result in flawed doors, leading to various complications down the line.

Choosing a certified security door company ensures you receive materials that have undergone rigorous testing. Investing in products capable of withstanding substantial impact and stress will ultimately prove to be a worthwhile investment.

  1. Choose the Best Material

Once you’ve defined your requirements and hired a qualified security door company, the next step is to choose the best material for your needs. Steel and aluminum are the two primary options.

The choice of the material depends on the intended use of the door. Steel doors offer strength and durability, making them ideal for securing assets within your premises. However, they tend to come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, aluminum is more cost-effective, visually appealing, and functional. These double security doors are the ideal choice for front entrances.

At Shield Security Doors, we offer a diverse selection of custom double security doors tailored to your preferences. From different materials and sizes to a variety of colors and hardware finishes, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Below are our quality double security door options that can be customized:

  • Shield Fortress FE15: The Shield Fortress FE15 offers essential features for top-notch security. It includes an armored multi-point locking system encased in drill-resistant manganese and optional motorized locks with various access options like biometric fingerprint scanners, keypads, card readers, or integration with third-party access control systems.
  • Shield Embassy FE5: The Shield Embassy FE5 offers a range of essential features to ensure top-level security. It’s equipped with high-security Mul-T-Lock keys and cylinders, adjustable security hinges, and a sturdy 3” thick door with a 4” wide frame, it guarantees durability and effortless operation.
  • Shield Guardian Door: The Shield Guardian Door is specifically crafted for areas vulnerable to burglary or forced entry, aiming to establish a secure environment for residences and businesses facing such risks. Key safety features include a multi-point locking system with up to 7 locking points, high-security Mul-T-Lock cylinders offering unique key management options, and welded security hinges. 

If you need assistance in exploring our security door options further, feel free to reach out to our staff.

  1. Choose Strong Handles and Locks

When designing your custom double security door, be sure to select strong handles and locks. This step is crucial to guaranteeing the full effectiveness of your security door. If you’re unfamiliar with the brands of locks they use, consider checking online reviews for further insight into their durability. 

Explore our online security door customization tool, where you can browse through various types of handles and lock options for installation on your door. This allows you to choose the most suitable handles and locks based on your specific needs.

  1. Select the Right Hinges

As you evaluate your choices for door materials, handles, and locks, don’t underestimate the importance of hinges. Hinges are vital to the functionality of doors. Opting for incompatible or low-quality hinges can lead to doors that don’t operate smoothly, posing challenges for accessing restricted areas efficiently. To avoid the inconvenience of creaking and hard-to-open doors in your establishment, it’s essential to invest in the appropriate hinges. This ensures that your doors function seamlessly, facilitating secure and effortless navigation throughout your property.

  1. Ask About Customization

Custom double security door companies are recognized for their adaptability. Many of these companies prioritize understanding their clients’ needs and delivering tailored solutions to ensure satisfaction. If you’ve considered the factors mentioned earlier, teaming up with an experienced security door company will ensure the success of your investment. 

At Shield Security Doors, we provide additional tailored options for our double security doors, including bulletproof peepholes, biometric scanners, and keypads to further boost the security of your business.

  1. Inquire About a Warranty

Once you’ve identified the critical factors for choosing security doors, it’s vital to review the warranties accompanying your options. Warranties are crafted to uphold your consumer rights, ensuring a hassle-free replacement or refund process for defective products. Conversely, the absence of a warranty from a company should be a cause for concern, signaling a lack of confidence in their products. This step is pivotal in the custom security door selection process.

Contact Shield Security Doors for a Quote on Custom Double Security Doors

With the provided tips, choosing the right custom double security doors for your business becomes more manageable. For reliable custom double security doors, contact Shield Security Doors today to learn more about our products and request a quote.

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