What Is A “High-Security” Door?

There are all sorts of security doors on the market. Most people have heard of bulletproof (a.k.a ballistic) doors, but lesser-known types of security doors include fire doors, forced entry-resistant doors, blast-resistant doors, and others. They are all designed to keep you safe from something. The problem is that over-reliance on one type of security door leaves you vulnerable to asymmetric threats.
For example, it’s great to have an expensive ballistic door, but what’s the point if it can be pried open with a crowbar in 30 seconds? And what’s the point of a sophisticated forced entry-resistant door if it has a standard cylinder that can be bumped or picked in 30 seconds?
You want a door that will ensure you and your family are safe no matter what type of threat comes knocking. When doing your research, consider the following requirements:

  • Forced entry resistance
  • Fireproof
  • Ballistic resistance
  • Multi-point locks
  • High-security bump and pick-resistant cylinders
  • Security hinges
  • Cycle testing

This is a big part of why Shield doors are so unique: they cover all the bases. With a Shield door, you don’t have to compromise on security or sacrifice peace of mind when choosing a door to protect your family. 

Want to know the secret to good security? Keeping it a secret. A criminal will have a much harder time breaking in when they don’t know what they’re up against. And because all Shield doors are custom-made, they can be designed to look like anything and therefore not attract any special attention. All of these factors are why a custom-made high-security door from Shield is the gold standard in security.

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