Security Windows

When you think of security windows, you probably imagine something like this.

Sure, that’s a way to secure a window, but it’s not a security window. It’s a crude, ugly, way to take a regular window and make it more resistant to forced entry. It’s decently safe, but it is not pretty to look at. At Shield, we don’t think you should have to choose between security and design, and we’re committed to changing the perception of what a security window can be. 

Shield Outswing Casement Window


Shield Security windows, like our doors, can look like just about anything. They’re designed to complement our doors, keeping with the theme of discreet security and an aesthetically pleasing construction.

We offer four styles of windows:

      1. Fixed
      2. Inswing or outswing casement windows
      3. Awning
      4. Single hung 

    Dimensions are custom to your needs, allowing us to work with the existing architecture and appearance of your home. Our steel frames are forced-entry resistant and feature multi-point locking systems.


    Shield Single Hung Window

    Beyond the options for the window style, our glass itself is also custom. Not only are there many design options to frost or etch the glass, but we offer several different security options:

        1. P6B (impact resistant, sledgehammer/axe resistant)
        2. Level 3 (handgun resistant)
        3. Level 8 (rifle resistant)

      So next time you’re looking at securing your windows, consider the custom, high-security, option that doesn’t force you to choose between style and security! 

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