Bulletproof Windows and Front Doors with Shield Security Doors

Bulletproof Windows and Front Doors with Shield Security Doors

Shield Security Doors has been installing bulletproof front doors and windows in Brooklyn, NY, and beyond for over 10 years. We specialize in crafting customized bulletproof systems tailored to your specific space, needs, and budget. Our range of bulletproof doors, windows, frame assemblies, and glass is designed to provide unparalleled protection for both your personnel and property against firearms.

When you hire us, our process begins with a consultation where we assess your security requirements. Based on our evaluation, we then determine a cost-effective solution that best fits your needs. Once the design phase is finalized, we take charge of managing the project to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Whether you require bulletproof windows or a front door for your home, business, place of worship, or office, Shield Security design barriers suited to your needs. We provide stellar installation services and ensure that our windows and doors blend into the style of your home.

Why Choose Shield Security Doors for Bulletproof Windows and Front Doors?

10 Years of Experience

With over a decade of experience, Shield Security Doors has built a solid foundation of expertise in the field of security solutions, particularly in installing bulletproof front doors and windows for homes and businesses. This extensive experience means that we have encountered and successfully addressed a wide range of security challenges over the years. As we’ve worked with over 500 private residences and 100 offices and businesses, you can trust our knowledge and track record to deliver effective solutions for your specific security needs.

Security Windows

Shield Security Doors Testing & Certification

On-Site Consultation

We understand that each security project is unique, and it’s significant to have a custom solution that meets your specific requirements for home or business security. That’s why we offer on-site consultations and estimates for bulletproof window and door installation. Our bulletproof window and front door experts will visit your home or business to assess your security needs firsthand, providing customized recommendations and a transparent estimate of the costs involved. This allows you to make informed decisions without any initial financial commitment.

Quality Equipment

Our products are consistently tested at independent laboratories to ensure that they are bulletproof and maintain their resistance. Our custom-made security windows offer many features, including sledgehammer-resistant P6B glass to UL level 8, capable of stopping a 7.62mm bullet from an AK-47 or M16 rifle. Rest assured that our commitment to rigorous testing and top-notch equipment guarantees the utmost protection for your peace of mind.

Outstanding Customer Service

At Shield Security Doors, we prioritize exceptional customer service. From your initial inquiry to the completion of the project, our team of bulletproof door and window installers is dedicated to providing you with the level of safety you need for your property by answering all your questions and delivering a seamless experience.

The Benefits of Installing Bulletproof Windows and Front Doors

Below are a few reasons to install bulletproof windows and front doors on your property:

  • Forced entry prevention
  • Resistance to several types of bullets
  • Protection from active threats
  • Mitigate explosion effects
  • Reduction of noise
  • Improve energy efficiency

Bulletproof windows and front doors for homes, businesses, and places of worship is the step toward protecting your family, your belongings, and your property.