Enter Into The High-Security World

Multi-point Lock

Multi-point locks are pretty self-explanatory: they bolt the door at multiple points. Typically, entry doors on a home will have a 1-inch deadbolt but this isn’t enough to keep a door secure against a basic

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Custom Means Custom

“Do they come in green? Is this bulletproof? Can you match my existing doors?” We get questions like this every day. Our answer is always “Yes, everything is custom.” The design, size, color, and security

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Caring For Your Security Door

Shield doors typically don’t require much upkeep, but you should be aware of some basic maintenance and troubleshooting tips. This article will serve as a guide to keeping your doors looking good and operating like

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Secure Walls And Door Openings

We’re often asked: “If your doors and windows are so strong, why don’t people go through the walls?” It’s a valid question because a home is only as secure as its weakest link. But what

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Security Windows

Sure, that’s a way to secure a window, but it’s not a security window. It’s a crude, ugly, way to take a regular window and make it more resistant to forced entry. It’s decently safe, but it

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