Multi-Point Door Lock

Multi-Point Door Locks for Home and Business Security

When it comes to ensuring the security of your home or business, multi-point door locks are a top choice for property owners. At Shield Security Doors, we specialize in including these advanced systems in our high-quality security doors to provide the best security and peace of mind.

What Are Multi-Point Door Locks?

Multi-point door locks enhance the security of doors by including multiple locking points along a door’s edge. This strengthens your property’s security by tightly sealing the top, center, and bottom of the door. It can also resist break-ins and withstand weather conditions. Multi-point door locks are different from standard ones which normally have a single deadbolt at the center which makes them more susceptible to forced entry.

The Advantages of Choosing Our Multi-Point Door Locks

Increased Security

Our multi-point door locks are highly resistant to break-ins as they secure the door at several points along its edge. This makes a door much more difficult to break through which reduces the risk of forced entry and provides property owners with peace of mind. When installed with our security doors, they offer long-lasting protection to your home or business.

Prevention of Door Warping

Our multi-point door locks maintain the structure of doors by distributing stress evenly across the door to prevent warping. This makes sure that doors continue to function well and look appealing.

Energy Efficiency

These locking systems also improve a door’s insulation by tightly sealing it. As a result, this leads to better energy efficiency, a consistent temperature, and energy savings.

Our Multi-Point Door Locks at Shield Security Doors

At Shield Security Doors, we offer two types of multi-point door locks:


  • Mottura 85 Series Mechanical Lock
  • Fiam X1R Motorized Lock


Both multi-point door locks meet the standards of European standard EN 12209 to ensure top-tier security. The Fiam X1R offers extra features including integration with home automation systems and various access control options, including keypads and biometric scanners.

Why Choose Shield Security Doors for Multi-Point Door Locks?

Choosing our multi-point door locks at Shield Security Doors means choosing reliability, innovation, and unmatched customer service. When you purchase a security door with us, you get to customize your door to include the multi-point door lock you want, as well as include other security features such as bullet-proof peepholes, biometric scanning, and much more.

Get Custom Security Doors with Multi-Point Door Locks with Shield Security Doors

Safeguard your property with our top-tier multi-point door locks and custom security solutions at Shield Security Doors. With several years of experience providing high-security door solutions, we serve a diverse client base, including homes, businesses, government buildings, and more across the United States and Canada. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail guarantees that every one of our clients gets a security solution that perfectly fits their needs.

Reach out to us online or at +1 (866) 639-1507 to discuss your custom security door needs for your property today.